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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your sausages gluten-free?

Our sausages do not contain any added wheat or gluten, with the exception of the following three varieties: breakfast, maple breakfast and honey garlic. All of our sausages are processed in a third-party facility, and although we make every effort to reduce the risk of cross-contamination we cannot guarantee that any of our sausages will be 100% gluten-free.

Does your bacon contain nitrates?

No. They do contain sodium nitrite (.5%), which combats potentially harmful bacteria.

Do any of your products contain MSG?


Are your meats certified organic?

No. We firmly believe in our farming methods.

Do you ever use growth hormones?

No. We also don't use appetite enhancers or animal by-products in our feeds.

Where can I buy your products?

You can find a list of Vancouver Island retail outlets that carry our products, and a list of restaurants that have Tannadice Farms meats on their menu. If you're in the Comox Valley, you can also visit us at the farm on Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. to noon or by appointment.

Why don't you allow your pigs to run outdoors?

While the image of pigs running freely under the blue sky may appear idyllic, it's anything but. Our pigs are born and raised right here on our farm from exclusive breeding stock that's hand-picked for its health and leanness. These same pigs would be highly vulnerable to diseases carried by wild birds and deer if left to roam freely outside. Because we don't routinely use antibiotics or medicated feeds, our pigs would be particularly vulnerable.

So your pigs spend their lives in cramped stalls?

Not at all. The walls of the greenhouse-style enclosures roll up to allow plenty of fresh air and light. Our pigs have ample room to run around and always have access to clean bedding, clean water and a minimal stress environment. You'd be hard-pressed to find healthier – or happier – pigs!

I've heard that food producers often use medicated feeds to keep their animals "healthy." Do you do this?

No. The only time we will ever use antibiotics or medicated feed is to prevent a sick animal from suffering.

Why is "pastured poultry" better than free-run or free-range?

Housing our chicken in bottomless, mobile cages that we move onto fresh pasture every other day enables them to continually graze on fresh grass. It also ensures they have fresh bedding each night, and it enriches their meat with high levels of CLA – a powerful antioxidant that has been shown to fight cancer and reduce body fat in humans.

Why do you only raise purebred Black Angus cattle?

Angus beef is renowned for its succulent, finely marbled meat that's very low in external fat. Typically, it's more tender, juicy and flavourful than meat from other cattle breeds. We allow our cattle to graze the fields when conditions permit, and we supplement their diet with nutrient-rich grass and corn silage in the winter months, which makes their meat even more healthful and delicious.

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