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We raise the Comox Valley’s healthiest pigs
Because Healthy Pigs Produce Healthful Meat

At Tannadice Farms, we believe that if you eat what you know to be healthy, you too will be healthy.

That's why we're committed to raising pigs that are born and raised right here on our Comox Valley farm from exclusive breeding stock that's hand-picked for its health and leanness. It's how we provide you with the leanest, tastiest and highest quality pork products available anywhere on Vancouver Island.

We feed our pigs only the highest quality grains with no growth hormones, antibiotics or animal by-products. Our ethical, health-focused farming methods ensure they live in comfort protected from most common porcine diseases, and we maintain their health through meticulous cleaning of their barns and routine veterinary check-ups.

Our pigs live in naturally lit, well-ventilated and spacious barns and always have access to clean bedding, clean water and a minimal stress environment. You'd be hard-pressed to find a healthier – or happier – herd of pigs!

Tannadice Farms pork products are locally processed every Monday and delivered the next day. The result is, quite simply, Vancouver Island's finest and freshest selection of pork, ham, sausages and bacon.

Look for Tannadice Farms pork at your favourite local restaurants and food stores. You can also contact us to purchase your meat directly from the farm.