Farming, the Way Farming Should Be
Healthful. Ethical. Local.

Tannadice Farms takes great pride in producing high quality, succulent meats for our friends and neighbours in the Comox Valley and throughout Vancouver Island.

At Tannadice Farms, we take care of our animals because we know that healthy animals produce healthy meat.
  •  We never use growth hormones, appetite enhancers or animal by-products
  •  Our Black Angus cattle are allowed to graze naturally, the way nature intended
  •  We believe that our "pastured poultry" are much healthier than free-run or even free-range birds
  •  Our "High Health" pigs are entirely free of most common porcine diseases
  •  We use antibiotics and medicated feeds only when necessary to prevent sick animals from suffering

Our 105-acre farm is located in the Dove Creek area of the Comox Valley. We've been family owned and operated since 1974, and we remain deeply committed to the health and vitality of our community.

Look for fresh Tannadice Farms products at your favourite local restaurants and food stores. You can also contact us to purchase your meat directly from the farm.

Supporting local producers keeps both your family and your community healthy.