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Tannadice Farms' Pastured Poultry
For chicken that's healthier and tastier than free range

At Tannadice Farms, we've been using a "pastured poultry" method to raise our chickens since 1999. We believe this method to be superior, both in the quality of the meat and the quality of life for our birds, to free-run or even free range methods.

Our chickens are housed in mobile, bottomless cages which we move onto fresh grass every day or two. As our chickens graze naturally on the fresh grass, their meat becomes rich in Omega 3's and conjugated linoleic acids (CLA) - powerful antioxidants that have been shown to fight cancer and even reduce body fat in humans. Tannadice Farms chicken is also low in saturated fat and is tastier and more tender than conventionally raised chicken.

Regular movement onto fresh grass also guarantees that our chickens have fresh bedding every night, and their roomy enclosures offer them a stress-free environment and protection from natural predators.

In addition to fresh grass, our chickens are fed only the highest quality grains with no growth hormones, antibiotics or animal by-products. They always have access to clean water, and their feed is closely monitored and optimized for each stage of life.

Look for Tannadice Farms chicken at your favourite local restaurants and food stores. You can also contact us to purchase your meat directly from the farm.