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Five reasons to choose Tannadice Farms

1. You know what you're getting – and what you're not!

At Tannadice Farms, we do not feed any of our animals growth hormones, appetite enhancers or animal by-products, nor do we use antibiotics except when absolutely necessary to prevent the suffering of a sick animal. So you know that when you enjoy Tannadice Farms beef, chicken or pork, that exactly what you're getting – tender, wholesome and ethically raised meat.

2. We treat our animals humanely

We take great care of our animals because we know that the way our food is produced has a profound effect on its nutritional value. Our Black Angus cattle graze the fields when conditions permit. Our chickens live in roomy, bottomless enclosures that we move onto fresh grass every other day, ensuring them a continual supply of nutritious food and fresh bedding. And each of our pigs shares a spacious enclosure with plenty of room to run around. They have access to clean bedding, fresh water and lots of natural air and light thanks to our well-ventilated greenhouse-style buildings.

It's farming the way we feel farming should be. When you enjoy Tannadice Farms products, you're casting your vote in favour of our farming methods.

3. You get answers from farmers – not salespeople

Want to know where your food comes from, how our animals are raised or who produces the meat you put on your table? Just ask us!

If there's anything you want to know about our farming methods, just ask and we'll answer. Quite often, we can even show you. So go ahead, ask us anything. We're friendly that way.

4. You want to support local agriculture

And why wouldn't you? Supporting local farmers makes Vancouver Island more self-sustainable and keeps dollars in our communities. We then spend those dollars in the community, further strengthening our local economy.

The average North American meal travels 2,400 kilometers to get to your plate. That's a lot of fossil fuels, not to mention the loss in food quality during transport! Our meats are produced right here in the Comox Valley and are delivered fresh on Vancouver Island – from our farm to your plate.

You've always felt good about feeding your family fresh, tasty and healthful meats. Now you can also feel great about supporting local farmers!

5. Our meat is some of the best you'll ever taste

What can we say? Great farming methods make great meat, and we guarantee ours are some of the freshest, most succulent cuts you'll find anywhere on Vancouver Island.

Our Black Angus cattle feed on fresh grass supplemented with nutrient-rich grass and corn silage, resulting in mouthwatering, beautifully marbled meat that's naturally high in cancer-fighting antioxidants. Our plump chicken breasts are full of Omega 3s, and discerning chefs across Vancouver Island are proud to showcase our sausages, bacon and pork products on their menus.

But don't take our word for it. Try some for yourself!